TEC - Telecommunication Engineering Center         

TEC Price TEC Products
Sno. Product Variants
1 2W Telephone Equipments Executive Telephone System
NSD/ISD Payphone
Electronic Telephone Instrument
Key Telephone Systems
2-Line Feature Phone
Coin Box  Telephone
Coin Box  Telephone  Table Top
Terminals for connecting to PSTN
CLIP Phone
2 Conferencing Equipment Audio Conferencing Facility Device
Multi Line Telephone System
3 G3 FAX Machine Group 3 FAX  Machine with handset
Group 3 FAX machine without handset
4 Modem V.90 Modem
V.92 Modem
Voice Band Data Modem
5 POS Terminal Point of Sales(POS) terminal with PSTN/CDMA/ GSM/GPRS interface
6 Cordless Phone Cordless Phone
7 GPON Equipment ONT
8 DSL Equipments OMSAN
9 IoT Gateway IoT Gateway
IoT POS Machine
10 Tracking Device Vehicle Tracking Device
Asset Tracking Device
Pet Tracking Device
Human Tracking/ Safety Device