TEC - Telecommunication Engineering Center         

TEC Price TEC Products
Sno. Product Variants
31 Mobile Radio Trunking System Equipments Base  Stations used  in  fixed locations
Mobile stations  used in  vehicles  or as transportable stations
Handheld portable stations
32 Equipment operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands Wi-Fi enabled Data Card/ Dongle
Wi-Fi Access Points
WiFi Modem
Point to Point Radio System using WiFi
Point to Multi Point Radio System using WiFi
33 Satellite System Satellite Systems
34 IP Terminal IP Terminal
34 Media Gateway Media Gateway
Line Media Gateway
Media Gateway for CPE
35 Signalling Gateway Signalling Gateway
36 SBC SBC/td>
37 Soft Switch Soft Switch
38 ISDN CPE ISDN Terminal
PC Card based ISDN Terminal
Multipoint Conferencing Server
Terminal Adapter
ISDN Gateway
40 Application Server Application Server
41 Media Server Media Server
42 Multiplexing Equipment Versatile 2 Mbps MUX
2 Mbps PCM MUX
43 SDH Equipments SDH Equipments
SDH Equipments with PCM
44 DWDM Equipments DWDM Equipments
DWDM Equipments with OTN DXC
45 DXC O-E-O Based DXC
64 Kbps XC